1st Corinthians – Chapter 9

Paul continues with with his argument from chapter 8 about our personal rights as believers must be subordinated to the larger commitment not to cause another believer to stumble. Paul gives personal examples of his giving up his own rights for the sake of others. Paul had never pressed his rights nor was he seeking … Continue reading 1st Corinthians – Chapter 9

1st Corinthians – Chapter 8

Beginning in chapter 8 through chapter 11, Paul addresses the question the had about food that was offered to idols. In the Greco-Roman world there were temples and shrines dedicated to pagan gods. It was common for worshippers to offer animal sacrifices and the excess meat was sold in the market place by the pagan … Continue reading 1st Corinthians – Chapter 8

1st Corinthians – Chapter 7

In chapter 7, Paul starts addressing the questions that the Corinthian church had asked him from their letter. Paul begins with marriage. Paul's preference is singleness, but he recognizes that both marriage and the single life are among the gifts that God gives to various people. Paul encourages most Christians to get married because of … Continue reading 1st Corinthians – Chapter 7